WHY DO RINGS TURN YOUR FINGER GREEN?Has silver and other jewelry ever left greenish or black marks on your skin? It's happened to most of us at least once or twice. While there is no single answer to why certain pieces of jewelry will turn your skin green, there are a few possible culprits.

1. Sweat from your finger reacts with the metal on the ring. This means that the metal begins to break down into microscopic fragments, which then wear off onto your skin as you perspire.

2. Metallic abrasion. Tiny metal particles, the result of makeup chemicals coming into contact with jewelry being worn close to the skin, can form black dust and result in discoloration.

3. You may have a slight allergic to the type of metal on the ring. The fragments mix with the natural metals, minerals and chemicals of the body and turn green or bluish-green depending on the wearer�s specific body chemistry.

4. You may have washed your hands with soap that does not react well the metal on your ring. This is usually caused by a chemical reaction between a chemical and the alloy in the metal. Make-up, hand creams, lotions, perfume, etc. can all react with the alloy.

Ways to Eliminate Skin Discoloration

Remove any rings before you wash or put lotion on your hands.

Avoid wearing jewelry while cleaning, exercising, gardening, swimming or showering.

Coat the jewelry with clear nail polish where it touches your skin. We recommend Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. This should only be done if you always show discoloration of the skin.

Keep your jewelry clean and tarnish-free.

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