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Become an Authorized Holly Hardwick Crowns Jewelry Retailer/Re-seller Today!

Q. Do you own a business or want to re-sell the jewelry products that you see here at Holly Hardwick Crowns?

A. It's simple to become an authorized Holly Hardwick Crowns jewelry retailer/re-seller. The minimum order "at retail" is $600.00 to receive the wholesale (50% off) pricing. So, if your order totals $600.00 at retail, it would cost you $300.00. Your order may be for ANY amount of crown jewelry items totaling $600.00 or more. To receive this discount, please call us to place your order at 800-684-1107. This offer applies to all crown jewelry that is not already discounted or on clearance.

Q. Is there a minimum order? What if I only want quantity of one item?

A. The minimum order, as said previously is $600.00 at retail, which equals $300.00 at wholesale. This can be assorted crown jewelry items, or you can buy multiples of just one item. The total retail of the order must total $600.00 or more.

Q. What about re-orders?

A. Re-orders must be $150.00 or more at wholesale.

Q. What if I want to purchase 20 pieces or more of one item?

A. Please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate a price break for you if you are purchasing 20 pieces or more of one jewelry item.

Q. What if I want an item of jewelry that is not shown on your site?

A. If you don't see the jewelry item you want on our website, and you want a special item, like multiples of one specific motif, give us a call and we will do our best to find the item you desire. In most cases, this requires making a mold for a special item, so delivery can take up to 8 weeks. 60 to 100 pieces would be the required order to make a custom style.

Q. What about re-orders?

A. The same discount applies to re-orders as with the initial order. You can purchase assorted items or multiples of one item at wholesale, as long as the total order is $600.00 or more at regular retail pricing.

Q. What if I want to order one style of "custom rhinestone jewelry"?

A. The wholesale discount is the same for custom rhinestone jewelry. However, this applies only to multiples of ONE STYLE. So, if you wanted a custom rhinestone pin that said "BEST MOM", for example, you could buy that item at wholesale pricing (50% off retail)if the total quantity ordered equals $600.00 at retail. Your final cost would be $300.00 in that case. Please call us to place these custom rhinestone orders.

Q. What about other non-jewelry items?

A. We offer wholesale pricing on crown jewelry only. There are no discounts on tiaras, crowns, scepters, crown cases, accessories, badges, sashes or luggage.

Q. Can I use Holly Hardwick Crowns crown jewelry product images on my website?

A. Yes! Once you begin placing orders with us you are welcome to use our product photography on your website or in your store. We ask that you place a line somewhere on your site that reads "Authorized Holly Hardwick Crowns Retailer" and that you agree not to use our images to purchase products from another company. Once you have an account with us and begin ordering items we can add a link to your website on our "Store Locator" page. Simply send an email request to info@hollyhardwick.com with your company's website and logo.

Q. Can Holly Hardwick Crowns Drop Ship Directly to My Customer?

A. We do not offer this option.

Q. What is the return policy?

A. See here

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