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CUSTOM Barcelona Pearl Crown

CUSTOM Barcelona Pearl Crown
Item # TC225X
Crown R/X Bag
Crown R/X Strips

Our striking Barcelona Crown is a unique spike design. It is a full oval crown made with Genuine Austrian Crystal and simulated pearls. Well suited for any princess, prom, homecoming or other royal event! The is a customized full crown version of the Lydia tiara' Dimensions: Height is 2 1/4" and Diameter 6 1/4" x 7 1/2" Available in Sterling Silver plate with white pearls or 14K Gold plate with ivory pearls. Pearls can be replaced with colored crystal stones of your choice.

We also have beautiful Crown Cases, perfect for keeping your treasure forever safe and clean! Some of the styles are shown below.

We advise all of our clients to please “SAVE YOUR CROWN!” from tarnishing by using our Crown R/X Anti-Tarnish Bags/Strips. Our Crown R/X Anti-Tarnish Bags were specially designed to preserve your crown forever! The bag is 100% cotton flannel, which is treated with an anti-tarnish protector. The bag is navy blue with an air tight white Zipper closure. Putting an Anti-Tarnish Strip inside the slot in the anti-tarnish bag will give you long-term protection. The R/X Crown Anti-Tarnish strips are sold separately in a package of 8 strips. Each strip lasts 6 months. See Crown R/X

CUSTOM Barcelona Pearl Crown
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