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Pageant Directors can take advantage of a 25% discount on crown jewelry with a purchase of $200.00 or more on all "regularly priced jewelry" items. You can place your order directly through the store, just enter "director" at checkout for your discount. Also, please check out our Affiliate Program also found in FAQ. You can help to fund your pageant by selling our products on your website and at your pageant events.

This section is specifically for Pageant Directors who are interested in having a custom collection of crowns for their pageant system. We offer a huge checklist of options. If you desire custom designed jewelry for your pageant, you can receive up to a 50% discount on quantities of 20 pieces or more of a style. We also make the finest sashes available. Our clients include the Miss Universe Organization and many other national pageant systems. So, you might want to take a look at our Pageant Sashes department. We are here to work with you and to help make your pageant special with custom crowns, jewelry and sashes. Call or e-mail me directly to discuss all your options. 1-800-684-1107 or e-mail holly@hollyhardwick.com

First, I suggest you take a look in all the tiaras and crowns that we currently offer. Choose a design or more than one design that you like in the store. Tell us how many divisions you have and what your budget is for your collection. We will create (at no charge to you) a whole series of crown designs based on the elements of your choosing. Having a custom designed crown collection will help make your pageant system unique, get you more contestants, and make your titleholders happy!

Does your pageant have a color theme? We could add colored stone accents to your crowns to make them even more unique. Or put your pageant name in color boldly across the front of the crown. The crown has to be special to the recipient. I have heard it said that it is the CROWN that makes the pageant. So many times I have heard a contestant say: "I am only doing this pageant because I want that CROWN!!"

You can create more dazzle if you have some stones dangling, giving the design movement. Incorporating aurora borealis stones adds tremendous sparkle to a design. The reflective nature of aurora borealis stones can really make your crowns POP! If you want to go all out, make the entire crown in aurora borealis. It is something like wearing headlights on your royal head!

I look forward to listening to your ideas and requests for creating a custom crown collection for your pageant. Have fun with the process, open your mind, and we will create something beautiful together. My favorite thing in life is creating crowns and jewelry! Holly Hardwick - QUEEN OF CROWNS!!

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