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Lavish Baroque Tiara

Lavish Baroque Tiara
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This is an example of the “baroque” styles that were worn by ladies of the upper class or royalty in the 15th- 17th centuries in Europe. The characteristics of “baroque” are grandeur, pomposity and weight. The period was focused on evening wear, the “baroque” richness and detailed workmanship reflected the gilt-embossed walls of the venue. This design is very “baroque”, romantic and deliciously sentimental in a retro way. This Baroque Tiara is designed as a headband style, therefore, very comfortable and will fit any head size. It comes with loops on the ends of the tiara to use hairpins or elastic banding to secure to the head. The tiara approximately 3-4 inches tall.This is a very limited edition tiara.

Lavish Baroque Tiara
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