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American Crowns The tiaras and crowns shown here were inspired by the fabulous key design that dates back to the seventeenth century and was also used in the designs for the Miss America crowns. The styles offered here are not reproductions or replicas of the Miss America crowns. They are totally different designs and include tiaras as well as full crowns. I took the key design element and just expanded on it to create a whole new collection. This is a good example of taking one design and creating various levels of crowns for a pageant system.

We also have beautiful Crown Cases, perfect for keeping your treasure forever safe and clean! Some of the styles are shown below. Click on the icon below to view.

We advise all of our clients to please “SAVE YOUR CROWN!” from tarnishing by using our Crown R/X Anti-Tarnish Bags/Strips. Our Crown R/X Anti-Tarnish Bags were specially designed to preserve your crown forever! The bag is 100% cotton flannel, which is treated with an anti-tarnish protector. The bag is navy blue with an air tight white Zipper closure. Putting an Anti-Tarnish Strip inside the slot in the anti-tarnish bag will give you long-term protection. The R/X Crown Anti-Tarnish strips are sold separately in a package of 8 strips. Each strip lasts 6 months. Click on the icon below to view.

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