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Lucite Scepter Display Case

Lucite Scepter Display Case
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Lucite Scepter Display Case with black acrylic base

Our Lucite Scepter Display Cases are clear plastic containers providing a safe environment for your treasured scepter. These custom made cases prevent dust, moisture, etc. from the scepter or object displayed. The display cases come with a one inch black velvet riser to gentle rest your beloved scepter and one inch personalized name plate in gold or silver.

Dimensions: 22� LONG X 4� WIDE X 5� HIGH

If you would like to order a custom case for a special size scepter, measure the diameter and the height of the scepter and then add 2� to each of these measurements. We produce custom cases for other items that you want to display, such as: art pieces, figurines, dolls, crowns, etc. Please call for custom price quote. EACH CASE IS CUSTOM MADE AND THEREFORE NOT RETURNABLE OR EXCHANGEABLE.

Lucite Scepter Display Case
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