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Options to Customizing Your Crown

Options to Customizing Your CrownWe work with several factories in order to have the most complete collection of crowns on the market. Some crowns can be customized for fit, plating color and crystal colors and others are only available in the size and color indicated.

If the style number of the crown or tiara that you are interested in begins with an F or CD, these crowns are usually in stock and available only in the size and color shown.

The F crowns have a small diameter and are meant to wear on top the head. To secure these crowns to the top of your head, we recommend our CROWNSTAYS.

The CD crowns have a larger diameter and are meant to be worn down on your head. Since these crowns come in only one diameter, in order to know if this crown will fit you, you will need to take a measurement of your head.

TO MEASURE: Take a strip of paper, wire, string, or flexible measuring tape and place this around your head exactly where you want the crown to sit. For men, that is usually in the middle of the forehead. For women, usually crowns are worn slightly behind the hairline or on the forehead. Once you have this measurement, divide that by 3 and it will give you the diameter that you require. So, for example, if the measurement is 21, then a 7" diameter crown should fit you. If your measurement is 23, then divided by 3 is 7.66, then you would require a crown 8" in diameter and we could add some padding for you to make up the slight difference.

CROWNSTAYS: CrownStays are the solution to securing crowns and tiaras to your head comfortably and securely. Forget the bobby pins and elastic bands that you have been using and enjoy the ease and dependability of CROWNSTAYS. Finally an answer to your desire to have a secure crown.

CROWN PADS: Our exclusive Crown Pads are available in 3 sizes, which gives you the ability to custom fit your crown. The padded insert is covered in a luxurious fabric for comfort, appearance and regality. Your choice of fabrics include Navy Blue velvet, Gold lame or Silver lame. *Our Crown Pads are only available on a certain selection of crown styles.

ADJUSTING SHAPE: Your crown will come to you round in shape. However, you will be able to adjust the shape into an oval to fit your oval head. You can ovalize the crown by pulling out on the crown from front to back and squeezing it in from side to side. You should do this adjusting until there are no spaces on the sides, and the crown sits comfortably.

CROWNS THAT CAN BE CUSTOMIZED: Crowns and Tiaras beginning with the letter C, AC, TC and DC can be customized in size and shape. You may also choose silver or gold plating and crystal accents of your choice. For a custom fit, take the same measurement of the circumference of your head as above. Then in order to ovalize the crown for you, we will need the diameter from front to back and from side to side. Take a piece of wire, could be picture hanging wire, or other stiff wire. Wrap it around your head, exactly where you want the crown to sit. Lay the oval wire down on the table and measure the distance from front to back and side to side. You will get a measurement something like: 6 x 7. That would be your measurement. If you want to add padding around the base of the inside of the crown, then you will need to add 1/8-1/2" all around, increasing the dimensions accordingly. For the least amount of padding, use Dr. Scholl moleskin or mole foam that can be cut into thin strips and is self adhesive. For heavier padding, a gold or silver metallic cording can be purchased in fabric stores. This cording can be glued around the inside edge of the crown with Fabri Tac glue or most fabric glue. Both types of padding can easily be taken out or changed.

Always feel free to call us to help you get the perfect fitting crown. Toll Free: 855-HHCROWN

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