We make our CUSTOM TIARAS, CROWNS and SCEPTERS right here in the USA. Our factory has been in business for over 30 years pleasing our special clients be it Kings, Queens, Princesses, Brides, Teens or Children. Give us your ideas or design and let us create something special for you that is produced right here in the USA. The styles shown here represent what I call a "starting point". Let your imagination flow. *We can "add to", "subtract from" or "combine elements" in these designs. *We can change the base of the design to have more or less rows of rhinestones, change the height, change the colors of the stones, change the plating to silver or gold, add pearls, add other colored crystals available from Swarovski, and on and on. *We can add words or motifs to the design. *A tiara can be turned into a crown and a crown can be turned into a tiara. *The circumference of the tiara or crown can be made to your specific measurements.

Please fill out the CONSULTATION FORM provided here or just call Holly directly. 800-684-1107

CUSTOM Sensation Tiara
CUSTOM Enthrall  Tiara
CUSTOM Blush Tiara
CUSTOM Whisper Tiara
CUSTOM Majestic Tiara
CUSTOM Heaven Tiara
CUSTOM Nymph Tiara
CUSTOM Reverie Tiara
CUSTOM Spellbind Tiara
CUSTOM Solace Tiara
CUSTOM Siren Tiara
CUSTOM Foresight  Tiara
CUSTOM Perfection  Tiara
CUSTOM Enthrall  Tiara
CUSTOM Flare Tiara
CUSTOM Intuition Tiara
CUSTOM Elegant Tiara
CUSTOM Dynamic Tiara
CUSTOM Compassion Tiara
CUSTOM Celebration Tiara
CUSTOM Intense Tiara
CUSTOM Twilight  Crown
CUSTOM Epoch  Crown
CUSTOM Love  Crown
CUSTOM Envy  Crown
CUSTOM Eclipse  Crown
CUSTOM Secret  Crown
CUSTOM Unity  Crown
CUSTOM Twilight  Crown
CUSTOM Afterglow  Crown
CUSTOM Feelings  Crown
CUSTOM Precious  Crown
CUSTOM Timeless  Crown
CUSTOM Felicity  Crown
CUSTOM Poetry  Crown
CUSTOM Poem  Crown
CUSTOM Sunbeam Crown
CUSTOM Sutton  Crown
CUSTOM Endearing Tiara
CUSTOM Charity Tiara
CUSTOM Vivid  Tiara
CUSTOM Nocturne Star Tiara
CUSTOM Blaze Tiara
CUSTOM Eastern Star Tiara
CUSTOM Symmetry Tiara
CUSTOM Novel Tiara
CUSTOM Reality Tiara
CUSTOM Transience Tiara
CUSTOM Excel  Tiara
CUSTOM Artisan Tiara
CUSTOM Moonbean  Tiara
CUSTOM Dawn  Tiara
CUSTOM Superb  Tiara
CUSTOM Suave Tiara
CUSTOM Prelude Tiara
CUSTOM Sunset  Tiara
CUSTOM Bliss  Tiara
CUSTOM Splendid Tiara
CUSTOM Divine  Tiara
CUSTOM Presence Tiara
CUSTOM Judith Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Istanbul Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Elizabeth Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Devotion  Tiara
CUSTOM Rome Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Callista Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Venice Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Cambridge Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Lydia Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Barcelona Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Rebekah Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Dorcas Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Delilah Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Angel Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Leah Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Tabitha Pearl Tiara
CUSTOM Westport  Crown
CUSTOM New York  Crown
CUSTOM Sunbeam Crown
CUSTOM Paris  Crown
CUSTOM Berlin Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Buenos Aires Crown
CUSTOM Venice Pearl Crown
CUSTOM London  Crown
CUSTOM Cambridge Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Florence  Crown
CUSTOM Rome Pearl Crown
CUSTOM Sydney  Crown
CUSTOM Krakow Crown
CUSTOM Seville Crown
CUSTOM Brussels Crown
CUSTOM Bangkok Crown
CUSTOM Serenade Crown
CUSTOM Majesty  Crown
CUSTOM Behold  Crown
CUSTOM Robust Crown
CUSTOM Opus Crown
CUSTOM Treasury  Crown
CUSTOM Maxim  Crown
The Castle Tiara
The Fortress Tiara
The Citadel Tiara
The Palace Tiara
The Villa Tiara
The Chateaux Tiara
The Alcazar Tiara
The Castillian Tiara
The Castle Scepter
The Fortress Scepter
CUSTOM Titus Scepter
CUSTOM Flora Scepter
CUSTOM Muse Scepter
CUSTOM Harmonia Scepter
CUSTOM Venus Scepter
CUSTOM Tulle Scepter
CUSTOM Morta Scepter
CUSTOM Rhea Scepter
CUSTOM Selene Scepter
CUSTOM Concordia  Scepter
CUSTOM Roma  Scepter
CUSTOM Vesta Scepter
CUSTOM Aphrodite Scepter

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