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How to Care for Your Crown

How to Care for Your Crown As the owner and designer of the top crown and tiara website, here are the exclusive tips I give to all my customers:

1. Never touch the stones, always pick up the crown with two hands to place on your head or in a crown case. Never pick up a crown with one hand. The oils in your hands can dull the stones. Grasp the crown between the thumb and 4 fingers at the top and bottom edge of the rhinestone chain. This will keep your stones sparkling forever.

2. The silver finish on crowns is usually sterling silver plate that will tarnish if left out to the elements, just like any sterling silver item. When not in use, keep your crown in our new Crown Anti-Tarnish Bags which protects them from tarnishing. If you find your crown has turned dark on the inside, we recommend using our Crown Care Cloths. Furthermore, keep them in a airtight box or choose from one of our lovely Crown Cases.

3. A crown should be carried upright, not on its side, when possible. However, if your case requires you to carry from the side, you need to pad it properly with bubble wrap or something similar all around the sides of the crown, or create a domed center.

3. If you feel that the stones have gotten dull from not following these rules, here are some to follow. (NEVER IMMERSE OR TREAT CROWNS WITH ANY LIQUIDS)

A) Always clean them before and after using them, and try not to use hand soap, lotion or cream while you handle the crown otherwise fingerprints will remain on the metal and eventually with many uses you imagine how it will look?

B) Always have your hair done a couple of hours before wearing the crown, hair lacquer, gels, mousse, etc, are the number one jewelry enemy, even on gold.

C) After each use we recommend you use a Crown Cleaning Cloths that is impregnated with a tarnish retardant that not only will take the dust and grease off from the crown but will prevent the tarnish, this will also work for any pieces of jewelry. We now offer a complete line of crown care products. Go to "Crown R/X"

Enjoy and care for your crown!

Royally, Holly H. Hardwick

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