Empress Tiara

Empress Tiara
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Our breathtaking Empress Tiara is a recreation of the Empress Josephine's Emerald Tiara. It is done in sterling silver plate with Genuine Austrian crystals and emerald gemstones accents. The Norwegian Emerald and Diamond Tiara, whose provenance has been traced back to the Napoleonic era, appears to be based on the neo-classical design prevalent during that period. The neo-classical era in jewelry crafting extended from the late 1700's (around 1760) to the early 1800's (around 1830). The tiara was highly inspired by the classical themes of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. There was a high level of symmetry in these designs, and the popular motifs of this period included rosettes, festoons, half fluted pillars, vases, urns, ribbon bows, hearts, portraits and snakes. It is said the Norwegian Emerald and Diamond Tiara and the Parure it is a part of, can be considered as a masterpiece of the neo-classical design of tiaras.

Dimensions: Height-3 inches Diameter-7 inches with Adjustable Band that extends to 10 inches

The story of the tiara The Parure is given as a gift by Napoleon Bonaparte to his Empress Consort Josephine. Napoleon Bonaparte the mighty conqueror of lands and nations, was not only a brilliant soldier but also a great patron of the arts. After the devastating effect on the arts, sciences, literature and other peaceful human endeavors, caused by the violent upheavals of the French revolution, a period of relative calm was restored during the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte, that gave a boost to peaceful human activities. Paris, the French capital which had lost its pre-eminence as the fashion center of the world, was on its way trying to regain its lost glory. The jewelry manufacturing sector also got a big boost during this period, and Paris once again emerged as the world center for designing and crafting jewelry. It was reported that in the year 1807, there were 400 jewelers in Paris, employing 800 men and 2,000 women.

One of the most prominent jewelers in Paris during this period, was Marie Etienne Nitot, who had worked previously for the pre-revolution Bourbon monarchs of France, and was appointed by Napoleon Bonaparte as court jewelers. Both Marie Etienne Nitot and his son Francois Regnault were ardent Bonapartists, and Napoleon had a great admiration for their creative abilities. The Norwegian Emerald and Diamond Parure was one of their exquisite creations, commissioned by the Emperor, for his beloved Empress Consort Josephine. But, this was only one of the many items of jewelry that he had lavished on his beloved, during her reign as empress from 1804 to 1810. Read more

Empress Tiara
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