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The Difference in a Crown or a Tiara?

The Difference in a Crown or a Tiara?

What is the difference between Crowns and Tiaras?

A Crown is a headpiece traditionally and symbolically in the shape of a circle or oval to represent infinity, power, victory and honor and long ago worn exclusively by the Gods and Rulers. Crowns can be made of a variety of materials, but to truly be considered a crown the base is circular and the designs goes all the way around, whereas a tiara's base is only three quarters in shape. Within the Crown Family there are 4 categories, Round, Adjustable, Men's, Oval. Round Crowns are the most popular and widely used in the beauty pageant world. Adjustable Crowns look allot like a tiara in that they do not have the decoration going all the way around like a traditional crown does, they do have a round base but the round base can be adjusted for size. This makes it more flexible when it comes to fit. Men's Crowns are usually heavier in look and larger. Oval Crowns are oval in shape and are custom made to fit your head.

A Modern Tiara is generally a semi-circular headpiece used as a form of adornment and initially worn by only the Royals. Queen Elizabeth II is said to have the largest collection. Within the Tiara Family there are 3 categories, Contour, Quinceanera and Bridal. Contoured Tiaras are unique in that they have a rise in the front base to give an illusion of height. Quinceanera Tiaras are usually reserved for that special time in a young Hispanic girl's life about age 15 or 16 symbolizing the beginning of womanhood. Bridal Tiaras come in both crystal and pearl designs and are usually a vital part of a bride attire. Tiaras in general are more flexible when it comes to fit, since they usually adjustable. They also tend to weigh less, since the metal and rhinestones do not go all the way around.

Children and Infant Crowns and Tiaras which are specially sized down versions of adult crowns and tiaras are available, too.

So many people wear crowns! Mardi Gras, Rodeo, Prom, Brides, Festivals, Fraternal Orders, Corporate Events and Pageants.

Crown and Tiara Attachment Options

All of our tiaras come with either hair combs or a adjustable band for a flexible fit; Crowns come with bobby pin rings to help secure it to the hair; Adjustable Crowns come with our adjustable band; Custom Crowns are fitted to the head and need no attachment.

Crown and Tiara Height/Diameter

The height shown is for the tiara or crown at it's highest point. Some styles may graduate down and others are the same height all the way around. Smaller diameter crowns (like under 5 inches) are made to rest on top of the head. Larger diameter crowns (like over 6 1/2 inches) fit more like a hat or can be custom fitted to your head. If you'd like more information on the height or diameter of any of our products, please contact us before ordering and we'd be happy to provide you with any information you need.

We make Custom Crowns and Tiaras everyday! What can you dream up?

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