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Crown Anti-Tarnish Bags with Zipper

Crown Anti-Tarnish Bags with Zipper
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We advise all of our clients to please SAVE YOUR CROWN from tarnishing by using our Crown Anti-Tarnish Bags with zipper closure.

To protect your precious silver crown, we have the answer for you! Our Crown Anti-Tarnish Bags, are specially designed to do wonders to preserve the look of your crown. For further protection, long-term, we suggest our Crown Anti-Tarnish Strips that fit inside a slot in the bag. These strips last 6 months each and come in a package of 8 strips. Our Zippered Crown Bags come in 2 sizes of 100% cotton flannel, which is treated with an anti-tarnish protector. This soft material adds to the protection of your crown and has an air tight zipper opening. Choose from 2 sizes: 9"x12" fits small tiaras and crowns up to 3 inches and the 20"x20" fits tiaras and crowns 8 inches and up. The bag is navy blue with a white Zipper closure.

Crown Anti-Tarnish Bags with Zipper
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